Sour Cream and Queso Fresno

Farm fresh.

In the dairy section you will find the tastiest items for your home, fresh products handpicked for you, with the Latin American warmth El Río Grande has to offer. Among our many different products you will find everything your kitchen needs in order to create your most exquisite dishes.

Our team are careful to ensure that our dairy products are delivered and treated with utmost attention to hygiene and freshness. From our conception, everything we offer you has been handled with care and attention to hygiene, so that full flavor and nutrition arrive at your table. Farm fresh products are within your reach in our dairy section. Come, try it out for yourself, discover our flavor.

Dairy products have a unique place in Latin American cuisine. Our Latin American delights and unique specialties will be within your reach. El Río Grande Latin Market has prepared these assortments just for you, and for all your friends.

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