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El Río Grande was born in 2005 with a dream: give every home in the Dallas Forth Worth area the opportunity to experience the joy of the Latin American flavor, with fresh goods, variety, quality service and convenient prices. We have grown since then, with this dream ever present. Today we would like to expand our Latin Market nationwide.

We discovered that our Latin happiness and enthusiasm is what makes us different: in El Río Grande we live to fulfill your needs and expectations.

We want your day to be better every time you stop by. Have we achieved this? We sure hope so…

El Río Difference

El Río Grande exists in order to offer you lasting experiences thanks to the Latin American touch that distinguishes us. We are committed to offering you products characterized by their excellent quality, that are fresh and convenient prices.

Our people are prepared and willing to attend to any need you may encounter, with the friendliness that identifies us. We want to be Everyone’s Latin Market:

  • Friendly personal service
  • Excellence with all-round quality
  • Fresh and healthy products
  • Clean and friendly atmosphere
  • Affordable prices
  • Unique Latin-American shopping experience

Corporate Responsibility

We are proud to be a part of the development of our community in Texas. We are a great family, and we make a growing effort to support the causes that bring joy into the life of our children, young people, adults and families. At El Río Grande to help is not an accessory: it is a part of our heart. As Latinos, moreover, we vibrate with fervor and emotion when we can lend a hand. Thanks for accompanying us!

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